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Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m the owner of a small company Web Candy Websites where I teach people how to use their website in creative ways for their business. I like all things bright bold and clean looking and I think that has a great impact on a website.  Just like when you go into someones house, it it’s a mess it’s not a place to concentrate, relax and just be you.

I’ve been in the WordPress Website Design business for a while now, all while being a wife, mom and home school teacher.  One thing that never ends is the changing the way WordPress works, it’s constantly changing and so is the themes and plugins on which they run. it’s important to keep your website updated, and current to avoid bad user experiences and those pesky little viruses.

I work to bring your brand and website together so they match you as a business so they will look great on all platforms and mobile devices.

How It Works

If your stuck and just don’t know where to turn I’m here for website coaching and what it takes to make your website creative and professional. This includes advice, referrals, and general help on how to do that stuff you just don’t know where to look.

I provide support for your website when the project isn’t complete to help you finish your website so you can start selling your business.

 I provide customer support to get your problems fixed. If your having issues on your site that pop up I’m there to help find out why and fix it as soon as possible. Sometimes websites break, it happens and I make sure that if it happens op you that we get it working again as soon as possible.

Design matters and where your layout leads on your site, makes a huge impact on gaining clients. I make sure your website has a clear layout and design so your has the most potential for what you sell cause that is what matters most. I work on wire-frames and offer examples to make sure your getting what you want in a website and focus on what matters most to you.

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