Turning your browser searching into a money making tool with Swagbucks

Swagbucks won’t be the tool that makes your rich and probably won’t make you a ton of money, but every-bit adds up!

Swagbucks is a free online tool that tracks what you search. Based on an amount of searching for anything through your browser it will give you a code to collect points.

Swagbucks has a chrome extension that gives you a new browser screen and rewards you with points that you can use for #Swagbucks for cash in the form of gift cards or online shopping. We have it on our phones and browsers I use for work. Being at at home freelancer I research everything online to build my business.  It’s nice to be rewarded for something I would be doing anyways and it’s free to use.

I do all my classes and learning online, so I get rewarded for that.  I’m a self taught freelancer that works in WordPress and I do all my studies online and at home. I try and find as much free classes and learning so this takes searching in my browser.

I work on social media for clients and I get rewarded for that.  I research website templates for my business and I get rewarded for that. The list goes on and on and I get rewarded for that to.

Swagbucks also has surveys and games you can play to collect more points and a Swag Trivia App that can be pretty addicting.  You get 10 dollars worth in Swagbucks for every 1000 swagbucks points.  I use mine for Amazon gift cards because they have mostly everything I shop for and free shipping for Amazon Prime Members.

If you haven’t already noticed the little disclaimer in the bottom of every page this blog post can contain affiliate links that help support us by commissions.  It helps us build the website while we use the products.