The downside of living so mobile on the road that no one talks about.

Raising a family on the road sounds great till someone needs a dentist.  Being from Bemidji Minnesota there aren’t any good Dentist for kids anywhere within the area. So we travel, all the way down to Brainard, Minnesota. K.O.L.A. Dentistry down there works great with kids that have issues about visiting the dentist. They are so good with our daughter we highly recommend them. The downside is they are over two hours away from our home base.

Being sick is no fun when you have to travel far away places to get work done.  We like to drink Kombutcha to keep our gut healthy.  I believe all the ailments that you get sick from start in the gut. Allergies, colds, flu stem from gut issues. Kombutcha in more times than one have made the 24 hour flu symptoms last not as nearly as long when were drinking Kombutcha and taking our probiotics. (We didn’t have that sickness, but its preventive medicine)

Next to the dentist, is a cute fish market called Morey’s Fish Market. It was a fun experience to be able to buy local caught fish, from Lake Superior. The fish was fresh and tasty. We also go to visit their sister store in Grand Marais while we were up there and din’t even know they were connected.

They have a fun menu item of BLT on their sandwich menu, but instead of bacon they serve smoked fish.  It was so yummy we made another one at home on Rye Marbled bread. Then the following day we continued to eat very well with crab salad sandwiches. It was just what we needed. Good food, cooked at home in the Camper.