Cirkul Flavored Water Click for intensity.
Cirkul Flavored Water Click for intensity. One bottle 4 refills.

What is Cirkul?

Water flavored or unflavored by a turn of a dial.

Cirkul is a lightweight, portable way to transform water into your new favorite enhanced beverage. Unlike other drinks, Cirkul lets you customize the level of enhancement, so you can enjoy your water, your way. With Cirkul Water Flavored Cartridges you will always have great tasting water. No more powders and messy spills.

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One of our smart flavor cartridge is equal to four bottles of your favorite beverage, saving you both trips to the grocery store and pantry space.

Cirkul Flavored Water Click for intensity. One bottle 4 refills.

Cirkful Got Started

How We Got Started

Garrett and Andy met on the football team at Dartmouth College in 2010. One day, the teammates were getting ready for practice in the locker room, when Garrett began mixing together some sports drink powder into his water. All of a sudden…splat. He accidentally dumped half the powder onto the ground, making a huge mess. The two had an idea; what if there was a water bottle that could self-infuse, all in an instant and all tailored to your taste? No mixing. No stirring. No mess. Water cartridges are easy to replace and reuse up to 4 bottles of water before replacing.  Using the dial you can create a more intense flavor for your water 0-10.

Cirkul Flavored Water Click for intensity. LifeSip ,Fit Sip, GoSip

New Coffee Flavors

Ready for iced coffee that isn’t all business? The creamy coffee and buttery caramels and mocha in this delectable blend will get you through deadlines and carpools with a smile on your lips.

Cirkul Flavored Water Click for intensity.

Freshly infused water is the best water.

There’s nothing quite like cool, freshly infused water. It just tastes better. We wanted people to be able to enjoy this on-the-go and flavored exactly how they like it.

Flavored powders and liquids aren’t cutting it.

Measuring flavored powder or drops into your water is not only inexact, it’s also messy and tough to do when you’re on-the-go. We wanted Cirkul to be a clean, seamless way to drink each sip of water just the way you like it.

Bottled drinks take up SO much space.

Lugging sports drink bottles from the grocery store is annoying. But finding the storage space at home for them can be even more annoying. We created a more efficient system, saving space and stress.