Create a Pinable and make it Uniquely Yours

Your website should be the source of your information.  When you blog you are creating key words for search engines to look you up.  Creating content makes your website stand out from the rest because the content on your website is uniquely you.

Images work the same way, images have alt tags and titles which are searchable on the internet. Images provide keywords and inspiration that link back to you.  These hidden gems can be discover-able by using them for social media and through your media folder inside your WordPress website.

Your photos do not have to be directly visible on a post, they can be tucked away inside your media folder library.  By adding ALT Tags and the right Keyword Titles they will work for you in the backend so you can be searchable.

Make your images pinable

A great example of social media that can use your images on the internet is Pinterest, you can use the url of your image in your post so the credit for the post gets linked back to your website.

A good example of where to get these great tips from is from Melyssa Griffin on Pinterest. Her site is here.

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