Do you know your brand style?

What Brand Style Are You Looking For?

This is what you are going to be asked when you are searching for a website look.  Your logo, personality, business niche, ideas and photos should all match your brand.  Your brand is what you are publicly displaying to the world what you have to sell and offer; This should reflect your website, products, and where you stand in your business.

Your brand isn’t just your logo, its everything that entails your business.  You want your brand to match in all aspects of your business because it builds trust.  Trust from your clients is important to having them stick around to hear what you got to say.

All of this comes into mind when you build a website, you want a clear precise idea when a potential client comes across your website.  Your client will right away want to see what they are wanting from you because its clearly displayed on the website.

Before I get into the specifics of owning a website, I might pass along some templates that match your logo and the goals of your website.

I’m a visual learner and for me, when I see something that is concrete I can say, “Yes I like that” or “No that isn’t me”. It might be the same for you too.

If your logo looks like this:


I would suggest something feminine, minimal and clean.

Here are some template demos I would have you look over.

Demo Hamlet Theme



This is a blog theme, it displays the last featured post, and then styles the posts beneath it and then incorporates ads with the sidebar.  Not all blogging themes can do everything you need them too. For instance this one will not run woocommerce, so you would have to find another type of shopping cart system if you were wanting to add ecommerce to this theme.

Here is another theme – Essence


The difference between them is this theme offers two menus, one for the categories, and the top for the main items. Essence displays a category carousel to add to the themes style. This theme is also different by showing the views and comments with icons that stand out and post sharing on the front page, which is a feature you might want to add to your website you’ve never thought of before.  That is why if you are looking for a blogging theme, I point this out as a feature so you can see all the aspects of the features that a theme has to offer.

I’ve taken you through a sample walk-through of what you might expect when searching for a theme for your brand.  I hope this give you some ideas when searching for your theme for your brand.  I’d like to offer you a free mock-up of how creative your website could look. Click here to get started.

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