Free Photo Editing Tools

Ok we picked out our perfect image for our website, now what? If you have just read my previous post you would find out how many free images you can get from all kinds of places on the web. Now it’s time for editing.  We want to edit the image now to create our version of the perfect image for our site. Because were into matching our brand and our look.  There are several websites out there that help us with this editing process. Some of these cost to use all the features, but most of them are free.

Mobile images are not always the same as regular images we use for desktops. Some templates in webs design let you pick a specific image your mobile viewers see, and another for the desktop users. So when picking out the perfect template, you might want to keep this in mind when you start to build your website.

Pixlr is a great image editing tool online.  It’s build with similar features that Photo Shop uses but its free.  It may have a bit of a learning curve at first but once you figure out how to use it you’ll be glad you found it. (How do you figure out how to use it? You dive right in and open the app and start using it.)

Another great tool is Pic Monkey.  Pic Monkey uses filters, stamps, add ons, light room features and makes an impressive photo. It promises lots of photo drama and puts out some high quality images.  There is a free version of this tool with a watermark, and a paid for version.

Pic Monkey Online Image Editing tool

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