Learning and Education can last a lifetime. Don’t give up on your daydream.

Take Digital Courses and Learn Online without breaking the bank.

I agree with Chris The Freelancer that there is so much online education out there, an University isn’t always the best place to learn. Chris offers some places to start online in his video –


Udemy has some free courses also that can be taken online or on your phone. Search for courses and type in Free to see if any appeal to you.

Learning can come from multiple channels. It deosn’t have to be at a college , they don’t have to be online courses, learning can come from tips and emails. You can learn a lot from the advice of others people put into emails and newsletters that are given away for free. You can learn from signing up for Free Tips from Professionals in your field.


Melyssa Griffin offers Free Blogging Tips and Social Media classes that offer a lot of Free advice in her emails.

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