Harbor at Grand Marais Minnesota

It rains here what seems like every other day, there is never a shortage of water filling up Lake Superior.

If you notice the little white camper in the middle of the above picture, that’s us. Were visiting the Harbor on Lake Superior in Grand Marais, Minnesota. It rains here almost every day and it’s very very wet. It’s on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Lake Superior is unlike the rest of the lakes here in Minnesota because of the rock covered beaches. Most lakes have muddy shores and plant life sticking out of the edges of the lakes, but Lake Superior is covered in rocks of all sizes, pebbles, and drift wood.

The tiny town of Grand Marais is home to several good places to eat. This time we ate at Sydney’s Frozen Custard and Wood Fired Pizza place. The food here is really good. It has good reviews on Yelp.

They have creamy chocolate and vanilla custard with all the mixins and other fun cold treats; Floats, Italian Soda’s, Shakes and Custard Malts.

For food they not only make their own Wood Fire Pizza’s but they also create Pita Sandwiches, Salads, and breakfast options.

Butterfinger and Chocolate Frozen Custard Sydney's Custard Shop

Sydney’s Frozen Custard Shop has inside and outdoor seating, and an upper floor that looks over Lake Superior.  Of course we’ve seen nothing but rain, but when the sun comes out the streets are bustling with people and tourists.


“Great frozen custard spot! From a far it looks to be only a “hut”, but really a lot more! And I really want to go back to check it out. Hubbie and I shared my favorite, a turtle Sunday. We had a medium,it was plenty. Very good! You can tell it was fresh products and no chincing. Behind the order window is a whole sit down area with more then custard,wine,beer,pizza,hot dogs etc. And a rooftop with a view of lake superior!”  Angie O.


Lake Superior Red boat

If your craving seafood Dockside Fish Market is a good place to start. They have a fried menu of fresh fish and coleslaw.

Wow, everything we had for lunch at the Dockside Fish Market was soooooo good! We stuck with the Lake Superior offerings of breaded whitefish and herring. Our group of five were all super happy! Great fries and coleslaw too.

-Mark O

Dockside Seafood Fish Market

Camping here in Grand Marais is nice. The log home is being built on a private lake that is next to Lake Superior. The chipmunks and squirrels are quite friendly and enjoy being fed.

We spent a very rainy day in Grand Portage National Park visiting the Grand Portage National Monument. We heard there was waterfalls to see and trails to walk but we didn’t get to see any of that from the pouring rain.

Grand Portage National Monument

The Grand Portage National Monument had real life characters that volunteered to work inside the Park. A woman was cooking up a real dinner and baking breads over the live roaring campfire and talking about the time period. People were shearing slats of birch bark wood to make a canoe and talked about navigating during that era.

Dock Grand Portage National Monument