Winter is Over and Kayaking Season Has Begun

It has been one hard winter, things froze, we lived without running water for 3 months.  We got to sleep next to ice because face it, no matter how well you insulate, tiny homes will not stay warm enough when it’s -45 F outside.

We’ve stayed close to home this winter without traveling much. Everytime we make the trip into town we pass by this cute little creek/river that runs under the road between Kelliher and Bemidji Minnesota.  So finally it became warm enough to take the kayak out and explore Turtle River.  It wasn’t too deep and crystal clear water you can see the bottom of the river everywhere you paddled.

We had our first real vacation before this. We toured Florida for a month and got to see a lot of crystal clear water. That is where we decided to buy a blow up kayak.  And to add to the adventure, we got a dog. So now we kayak with a 9 year old, a dog, and two adults. We’ve already outgrown the kayak but have fun inflating and deflating the kayak everytime we go into the water.