Getting started as a Digital Freelancer working from Home

Upwork use to be known as Elance and it’s used by thousands of Freelancers across the globe.

I found Upwork when I first started working from my tiny home living on the road and found it to help fill in the gaps when I didn’t have my website pulling in work from word of mouth. Chris the Freelancer wrote a book on how to become successful working in Upwork.

Upwork is filled with small and large jobs, I send out 50 proposals a month and probably only get 3-10 responses out the 50 proposals. Sometimes I feel I’m more picky asking questions about the job than the person doing the hiring. I like to work on websites I enjoy doing and find interest in, I prefer the ones that want a pretty website that is visually appealing.  I do basic logo making all the way up to a full blown website. I also do coaching in WordPress which I found out, I love. When the customer wants to learn the inside WordPress and how it works.

There are a lot of scams in Upwork, you will hear this a lot from clients who have had bad experiences. My tips of advice for Upwork: Be honest and be very clear about what you offer for skills and what your able to help the client with.