Make Your Ebook FREEBIE Work for You

Ok you have a website, and your ready to share your “FREEBIE”

You create an optin where people go to sign up for your free ebook and then they offer their email for your free download.

This Freebie” your offering has potential to increase sales on your page.

If you’ve decided that offering a ebook is the way to go here is a checklist to make sure your ebook is successful.

  1. Include your brand: Make sure your website information is visible and clickable on every page.
  2. Offer an area “for more information” at the end of the ebook. This is a follow up lead action area.
  3. Make sure your content matches what you offer on your site. When it’s relate-able it will be memorable.
  4. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Offer information in your ebook that is related to why they downloaded it in the first place.  If you go off topic it might sound spammy.

Now that you have this great ebook , your freebie, your donwload and your ready to share it.

Start Locally – Share it with your friends and local peers and family. This should start a chain effect because this person has friends, and they have friends etc.. and your free shareable content will spread this way.

Move to share on social media. Your network of friends on social media will work the same way as in person and if your content has value it will spread.

Your ebook should start a conversation. This post on How to build genuine social media conversations will talk more about that.

Encourage sharing on your posts. Blogging is what drove them to your site in the first place, Google read your blog posts and pointed them in to the right direction. Blogging about your free ebook is like sharing keywords with Google so people can find you on the web.

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