Mobile Image Editing For Social Media

Image editing isn’t just for your computer, your busy and on the go and your images can be too.  You can edit images on your mobile device and upload them straight to your favorite social media outlets.

Canva is a editing tool for your images and overlaying them with Text for high impact on those social media outlets that are image based.

Just a quick tutorial on how social media outlets are used:

Facebook is a social media outlet that is based on people sharing images, text, and video and they use a search tool to search by people or business.

Twitter is a subject social media tool. It’s primary use is to search for areas of interest by subject or hashtags.

Instagram is an image based design to share images with people and store a collection of images that are searched by hashtags on the internet.

Pinterest is an image sharing tool that collects images, that is connected to a website, or an account to bring the user that sees the image to a website or an account users board.

Once you see how these social media tools stand out from each other you can better see how to use them.

Canva is a great tool for Pinterest and Instagram.

I tried my hand at Canva and below is my first image from it, what do you think?

Canva has a Iphone and Android  mobile app and a desktop version, so you can create beautiful images on the go or at home in your office.

Canva can also be used for not just images, but ebooks. Here is a video tutorial on how you can create an ebook for your business with Canva, now that’s creative.

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