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There are a lot of places to find Free images these days. Free images can save tons of money when searching for the perfect photo to post on your website.  You want want to make sure when you have that perfect free image it fits your brand and style of your website or you’ll wind up with a blog that throws your image off and you don’t want that.

There are free apps on your phone do make custom photos for your social media accounts but that is a different post.

Resources for finding free images for the Church and Ministry blogs and websites.

They list over 53 of them, so in order to get them all in I’m only going to list a few.

Creation Swap is for overhead images and those they do on Sunday mornings with a projector, great for inspiration and a specific sermon type of image.

Lightstock Faith is for those images that are faith based and real everyday photos you can use on your website to make an impact.

UnSplash is a free for all professional images you can find for just about anything.

These are free images for anything you want to use them on, they are not specifically used for a certain niche so you’ll have to search for them with your action words to find a good fit.

Web Candy Websites offers this blog post on free images post. Just a side note that Pixababy also offers free Video for the Hero Header area on you site.

Pixababy is a free image source and the first on Web Candy’s list.

Other places if you sign up they give you a free image and downloads a month.

Themeforest is one of these places if you sign up you can download a collection of freebies every month.

Themeforest Free Downloads

Creative Market is a plethora of sources for fonts, photos, video, letterhead, logo’s and more. Each month they send you 6 Free downloads a month for inspiration.

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