Welcome to the traveling, camping, exploring, teaching, loving, log home building wife, tiny home living life.

My nomadic digital life freelancing on the road

Holy Williams Web Candy Websites
I’m a website freelance designer and work out of our truck camper (similar to the tiny house with all the amenities of home).  I also homestudy our 8 year old daughter inside our tiny home on the road and all the challenges that go along with that. We travel as a family for work and play.
  – Holly Williams


Our Work

My husband builds log homes. That sounds pretty static huh? A log home sounds pretty permanent and stable, not to mention beautiful, rustic and sounds like the scenery of the perfect place to live.

My husband builds hand scribbed log homes for owners who live all over the United States.

He starts out in the log yard and the process is quite complicated but the build starts 1-2 months of work at the Heim Log Homes building yard.

Then we go to to the job location and build on site while we dry camp in the yard. Depending on the type of build it can last for weeks to months of work. Then the process repeats and we head off to another destination.

It takes certain necessities to live in a camper truck, if the site doesn’t have electric we use a generator. We have to fill up with water every 2-3 days depending on how much we really have to conserve.  And we have to dump the sewer in the camper about 5-7 days. So I just covered the basic necessities of life, water, electric, and sewer but I left out the most important necessity, the internet. We use Verizons 3G Unlimited Plan with Hotspot. With out the internet I can’t work, and we often run out of good signal, but Verizon pulls through most of the time.

Were mobile and decided to take that step to spend more time together as a family.  My husband can walk out of work, walk into the camper and say, “Honey I’m home!” and then our evening begins.

Being mobile isn’t for everyone, it takes a lot of ripping your heart out when you can’t have those great new pair of shoes because they won’t fit in the camper.  By the way my husband owns more shoes than me.

Starting Out Tiny

The great thing about having a laptop is so much can fit inside this tiny amount of space. I’ve been mobile since 2000, and slowly broke down and parted with everything I didn’t need.


I always say, “If it doesn’t fit in the laptop I don’t need it.”


My husband has been a great trooper with living with me in a tiny home and is getting better little by little about what we need and what we want.

Having A Kid

Having kids in a tiny home is easier to do when you don’t have to uproot them to make them move from this huge room, to a small living space. We’ve been through a couple of fifth wheel trailers, and our second child didn’t have the room for another room of her own in the trailer. I would always tell everyone when you run out of room make one under the kitchen table. We never had to do that but if you looked under our kitchen table there was plenty of space under there for someone to sleep (just saying)